Unleashing Ariel Power Like never before using patented MSX technology for in depth surveillance and analysis capability for diverse mission sets and special scenario operations. The SX-369-XS Is also equipped with HD imaging capabilities.


  • Surveillance of large events, festivals, concerts, and sports

  • Traffic surveillance

  • Surveillance of sporting facilities 

  • Photography for preserving evidence

  • Surveillance of illegal activities

  • Countering illegal drug operations

  • Criminal prosecutions in cities

  • Monitoring of flooding

  • Anti-terror operations

  • Monitoring of critical infrastructure

  • Surveillance of hostile demonstrations

  • Deployment against human trafficking – monitoring & surveillance

  • Surveillance of maritime traffic 

  • Monitoring of tsunami

  • Border surveillance

  • Anti-piracy operations

  • Surveillance of illegal immigrants

  • Perimeter surveillance

  • Police-related activities

  • Search for missing persons

  • Specific Surveys for Data generation.

  • Powerline and Industrial Inspections

  • Solar panel inspections

  • Irrigation and crop cycle analysis and Estimation.

  • Land and Dam Surveys

  • Construction and Management

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