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We manufacture Custom Airborne Solutions for Surveillance, Agriculture, Data Assimilation, Custom Missions via our advanced autopilot and flight management systems alongside dedicated co processors for image processing, data assimilation and much more. 

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Real time Data Assimilation for Surveys such as contour mapping, geographical mapping, depth mapping , heat signature mapping and much more for construction , crop cycle estimation , aerial surveys, mapping , search and rescue operations, surveillance and various other case specific operations.

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Aerial Surveys allow quick data mapping and cloud point data for smart construction planning and smart infrastructure planning. 



AstroSoc Corp is a multi-corporation which offers multifaceted experiences in the form of Astronomy field trips, seminars, outreach programs as a part of ASC Astronomy Outreach Department and Society.



Astronomy Field trips 

Escape from Mundane City life and experience a night under the stars with cosmic bliss and a unique insight into our cosmos.

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AstroSoc Corp's Applied Sciences department offers a range of products varying from consumer electronics, environmental sustainability, space research, small scale defence (community level), safety and convenience and we are constantly upgrading our research with bigger prototypes. We are currently in the prototype stage of our UAS program and handling government projects on pilot basis.



Custom Built UAS 

Custom built Airborne solutions for multitude of operations.



AstroSoc Corp's Applied Sciences department offers a range of products varying from consumer electronics, environmental sustainability, space research, small scale defence (community level), safety and convenience and we are constantly upgrading our research with bigger prototypes and production ready prototypes.



AstroSoc Corp Applied Sciences Department came into existence in Jan 2017 and partnered with Jaya Engineering Facility. We have tremendous experience in precision manufacturing from the past 30 years and have been suppliers of spare parts for HAL, DRDO , BEL and many more such organisations.

Applied Sciences Division identified new areas apart from manufacturing of spare parts such as technology and sustainability. Our initial venture of space technology simulation in the form of a nano satellite was a huge hit with all engineering colleges in the city. We have hosted more than 20 workshops in different colleges pertaining to Space technology simulation and nano satellites.

Currently our main areas of work have been identified as follows,

Designing and Developing UAV's and related systems with GCS and C2 links for a multitude of operations.

Light weight Turbojet propelled fixed wing aircraft for surveillance and target engagement.

Sustainable transport solutions for passenger and commercial sectors.

Pcb manufacturing and smart home solutions for automation.

Smart City Programs.

ASCASD Tech Private Limited is an Indegenious UAS manufacturing company based in India. Our company is a registered Startup Entity with the Central Government and the Department of Industrial Policy Promotion. Also registered as MSME with membership from NSIC and e-gov procurement marketplace. Our key activities as an indegenious manufacturer are,


Air-Frame Design and Development:


As we intend to step into manufacturing and operation of RPAS, as prerequisite the organisation follows standards as per CAR for manned aircraft under the category of light aeroplane. Maintenance procedures of the prototypes are as per CAR M, subpart C, MA 302, aircraft maintenance programme, category 1 aeroplanes, as applicable on RPAS and various UAS platforms we develop. Further, Aircraft continuing airworthiness record system, technical log system, record of life limited components is maintained to observe best maintenance practices. The company is actively involved in manufacturing composite materials used as airframes in our RPAS prototypes. Also, methods for nondestructive testing for composite materials are being implemented in our maintenance and manufacturing programmes to ensure reliability. 


UAS Systems Integration:


Our approach to UAS systems integration and frame-work are focussed on redundancy model of operations, fail-safe measures and protocols as required in aviation standards. The airframes designed for our prototype RPA’s are integrated with systems which are tuned to attain desirable flight dynamics and characteristics to ensure safe operation with  additional support in the form redundancy systems. Design and development of payload integration with airframes to enable functionalities to support analytics and data assimilation with ML/AI models.


Furthermore, Various Industrial Certifications, SME and Domain Expertise in form of our Production Partner, Strategic Partners and Consultants in the UAS Manufacturing and Services Space. 

The above mentioned areas of interest that we are currently working on is backed with technology partners from Shenzhen, Taiwan, Japan which are global technological and manufacturing hubs. We are tied up with numerous companies who are our technology partners and help act as a catalyst in our program developments and prototyping.

Our UAV technologies boast of features and functions which are cost effective as well.Our UAV's are designed and developed in India promoting "Make In India".

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