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Astronomy Outreach

AstroSoc Corp Astronomy Outreach is a dedicated amateur Astronomy Society operating with the sole intention of promoting Astronomy and the dark skies cause in association with International Dark sky Association (IDA) and Astronomers Without Borders (AWB) which are global organizations based in the United States. We host regular Star Parties and Astrophotography field trips in dark spots away from light pollution and

other sources of pollution which hampers the experience. We also host Seminars and workshops in schools and colleges pertaining to Astronomy and Astrophysics and various other topics which govern the very basics of our existence in the cosmos and how it all started..!


  • ● We have successfully organised more than 150, open to public star parties since 2015

  • ● Conducted over 10 seminars for students in school premises since 2015 

  • ● Organised 20 star gazing field trips dedicated for school students since 2017 

  • ● Held 3 Astronomy Expos at Science symposiums at Colleges and universities in 2018